The text of the article is written only in the format * .doc (Microsoft Word 2010).

Page Setup - B5 size (17.6 cm × 25 cm);
Orientation - book;
: left - 2.3 cm, right - 2,3 cm, top - 3,3 cm, bottom - 1.5 cm;
Font - Times New Roman;
Style - direct;
Size - 11;
Line spacing - 1,2;
Indention - 0.7 cm.
The text should be aligned to the width of the sheet. Headlines are typed in lowercase letters.

Captions for figures and tables should be done in font Times New Roman, size - 10.

The pages are not numbered!

For formulas you should use the equation editor MathType, original formulas should be stored in format * .eps and called under reference in the article.

Figures and tables are placed in the centered pages without text wrapping and within the printing area. Charts and diagrams should be submitted without gradient fillings.

Tables must be compact, have a name and a number (if there are two or more tables). Abbreviation in the name of the table is not allowed. Digital material is given with statistical processing.

Figures and tables should be presented in the article immediately following the text where they are mentioned for the first time. Each formula, table, drawing, graph in the text should have mandatory links. Formulas referred, are numbered in Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right.

Illustrative material should be presented in formats TIF, JPG with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for black and white images and at least 600 dpi for color images (if necessary). The journal publishes only black and white images. Color images in articles are posted on the website of the journal, if they have some information value. Illustration originals should be attached to the article.
Authors of manuscripts must follow international nomenclatures.

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